Ronís Sports World for COCC Logo Apparel

††††††††††† Custom order COCC logo apparel at Ronís Sports World at 7801 NW 23rd, Bethany. You can purchase items from them or take you own for embroidery.




Pat Sikes for COCC Ladies Apparel

††††††††††† Pat, the glitzy shirt lady, sells ladies apparel with glitter and has the COCC logo. Contact Pat at phone 405-320-3322 or on her website:




Landís End for COCC Logo Apparel and other Items

COCC now has a custom web page set up with Landís End Business Outfitters. Here are the very simple instructions to order:

1.    Type in this exact URL in address line:

This will take you directly to the custom COCC Landís End web page.


2.    Click on item you want to order (Group Apparel, Men, Women, etc.) in the orange line.

(DO NOT SIGN IN. The sign in is for administration purposes only)


3.    Follow the prompts to find your items and click ďcontinueĒ


4.    This will take you to a page where you can select the COCC Logo. (Logo charge is $5.95 to $15.95 depending on the item)


5.    Follow prompts to complete your order.


TIP: Sign up for Landís End emails and you will receive weekly specials such as free shipping, free logos, specials up to 50% discounts, etc.  To take advantage of the weekly specials you will have to type in the Promo Code that can be found in the email.